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Auction Estimate Service

Auction Estimate Service :: Bulstrodes

We are pleased to offer our opinion of the likely value of your property if offered in a Kate Howe Ltd. auction.
Please keep in mind the following:

  • Bulstrodes offers auction estimates solely on the type of property that we sell at auction. For those areas in which we do not specialize or for items which fall below Bulstrodes minimum consignment values, we are not able to give auction estimates or any other information.
  • Auction estimates are, of course, subject to change based upon firsthand inspection of your property.
  • Auction estimates do not constitute a formal appraisal of the fair market value of property and are not generally suitable for insurance or other purposes.
  • Our auction estimates are solely for your personal information and may not be relied upon, copied, or distributed for any purpose without prior written consent.
  • Unless previously agreed with the auctioneer a MAXIMUM of 3 items may be presented for estimation.

Auction Estimate Valuation Mornings

Every Monday 10 – 12am no appointment necessary, obligation free auction appraisal of jewellery, silver, & valuable portable goods, or by photograph of large furniture items.

We are happy to provide free information and advice including valuations for sale, and will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Unless previously agreed with the auctioneer, unless left for auction sale, a MAXIMUM of 3 items may be presented for estimation.

Home visits can be arranged for high value consignments, or entire house clearances. We may ask for photos to be sent in by email prior to a visit.

Please contact the office if you have any questions or to arrange a time.

The Valuation Service

Valuation Service :: Bulstrodes

We provide written inventories and formal valuations for a variety of purposes, including insurance, probate and succession.

Fees for written valuations are on a fixed fee basis depending on the nature and amount of work involved. Reasonable expenses may be charged in addition.

Probate valuations fixed fees from £200+VAT.

Please contact the Kate Howe for further details and a quotation.

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